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During the last 10 years, Citywest Bucharest has attracted further numbers of world class companies to locate in this strategic town 5 miles West of Buchaest.

The area is providing opportunities for companies and investors alike to take advantage of 21st century development, and developing transport infrastructure.

Logistics & Light Industrial Development is spreading from A1 Highway frontage to Commercial and Residential projects with exceptional access to the city, airport and motorway network.

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Bucharest's developing satellite city




CORTIZO continues bolstering its international presence by building a new Production and Logistics Centre in Romania for powder coating, storage and distribution of aluminium profiles for architecture. In June 2015, work began on the facilities which will be located on a plot of 37 000 m², next to the A1 highway, in the metropolitan area of Bucharest. The Galician multinational will invest 6 million euros and is expected to open in spring 2016.

This Production and Logistics Centre will have a covered area of 10 500m². It will have a powder coating plant with the most advanced technology, areas allocated for storage of the raw and powder coated profiles, accessories and hardware. It will also include an assembly line for thermal break and a 350 m² showroom that will display the main windows, doors, façades, composite panel, balustrade and solar protection systems designed by the R+D+i Department. These facilities in Bucharest will also have an Architecture and Engineering Department of CORTIZO which purpose is to offer personalized technical assistance to the architects of the country.

With this project, CORTIZO strengthens its presence in Romania where it has its own sales network since 2008. It already has 4 Distribution and Logistics Centres in the cities of Cluj, Timisoara, Bacau and Bucharest. They are all connected to CORTIZO’s plant in Slovakia through the company’s own fleet of trucks. The use of these synergies makes it possible to supply with absolute assurance and immediacy to any point in the country, offering an efficient response to the increasing demand in the Romanian market. In that regard the Delegate of Cortizo in Bucharest expressed: “The leadership in the markets of Banato, Transylvania and Moldavia reflect that CORTIZO ROMANIA has a demand in this area that makes it necessary to have its own plant. For this reason, CORTIZO has decided to create a production structure in Bucharest”, claimed Gabriel Savu. CORTIZO aluminium systems for architecture are present in landmark buildings in this country such as the Secret Services Headquarters, the building of Research for Applied Sciences of the University of Craiova or the Shopping Centre.


September 2015

CTP has acquired the Prologis Park, of modern industrial space in Bucharest, Romania.


ProLogis Park Bucharest A1, located along the Bucharest-Pitesti highway, Romania's primary east-west interstate, approximately 23 kilometers west of downtown Bucharest.

ProLogis Park Bucharest A1 currently consists of two completed facilities totaling 570,000 square feet (53,000 square meters) and two facilities under development totaling 538,000 square feet (50,000 square meters).

The award-winning park, which will comprise nine buildings totaling more than 3.12 million square feet (290,000 square meters) at full build-out.


September 2016

Biotechnology Nanotechnology Research & Development s.a.

BNRD has located its leading edge biotechnology production at Citywest.

The company is developing nanotechnology products that are bacteriocidal and can be considered as future alternatives to antibiotics in the treatment of many diseases.

more news shortly..................


AMAIREH SRL - Ceramic Tiles and Parquet

The company was founded in 2003 and imports ceramic tiles and today is among the leading distributors of ceramic and parquet on Romanian market.

We are a close team that focuses on meeting the needs of our customers and work with passion for our products. We believe that a house is not able to be truly called "home" until it totally complements your personality tastes.

Team AMAIREH group consists of individuals with expertise in ceramics and parquet whose prime focus is to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


H Essers

H Essers have been expanding their Romanian operations, and have acquired 60,000m2 of warehousing at Citywest for the following services:-

  • Ambient
  • Dangerous goods
  • Temperature controlled
  • Pharma licensed
  • Cross Dock

More than 30 years ago, H.Essers became the first Belgian company to provide integrated logistics services in combination with its own transport activities. To this day, this combination remains one of our company's major assets.

Largest logistics player and market leader in dangerous goods

With a logistical capacity of over 880,000 m², H.Essers is the largest player in Belgium. It is the only Belgian company with two warehouses with a high Seveso threshold level and three warehouses with a low Seveso threshold level. This makes H.Essers the market leader in dangerous goods logistics, next to the company's leadership in markets as pharma, healthcare and dangerous goods.

State-of-the-art fully-equipped warehouses

All H.Essers warehouses are state-of-the-art, built and fitted with the latest technology. They have a minimum height of 10 metres, a 1000 m² bay and are fitted with ESFR sprinklers, RF/modern handling equipment and tailor-made computerised systems for paperless warehousing. H.Essers offers its clients both dedicated and non-dedicated warehousing capacity, depending on the volume and risk, in order to ensure optimum cost management. H.Essers also has specially equipped warehouses at its disposal that include:

  • Temperature controlled
  • Seveso standardised
  • High-security warehouses
  • Conditioned for relative humidity
  • Clean Room facilities
  • Various storage systems Indoor and outdoor storage

Each logistics facility has sufficient capacity for expansion and overflow. Our asset-based strategy ensures short decision lines that enable us to respond quickly to your needs.

On-site Logistics

H.Essers offers logistics services that need to be performed on the client's site itself. This can range from warehousing, to internal transport or other logistical services such as planning, value added services ... These activities can be equipped with own H.Essers staff or staff of the establishment itself. Good arrangements about this has to be made in advance. It is also possible to implement our own warehouse management systems (WMS) on-site and advice on quality, safety and environmental issues.

WMS system developed in-house

The entire organisation and control of H.Essers warehouses is based on the proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS), which is supported by Radio Frequency Data Control. Our system can easily be integrated into your own systems and adapted to your needs. Our proprietary WMS ensures our clients will have access to an optimum planning schedule and have full real-time control tailored to their specific supply chain.


Gokbora International Transport


Our company headquarter in Avcilar-Istanbul has warehouse facilities that enables storage of every kind of goods to assist logistics services provided by Gökbora.

Expectation of our clients met exceedingly by high quality service given our expert staff, stowing machines for every tonnage and computer based barcode tracking possibilities.

We have customs and customs free areas to storage safely for your textile, food or general purpose goods. In this way superior productivity is provided to our customers by saving of storage place, investment and time.

We offer warehousing services at; Istanbul - Avcilar, Bursa, Izmir, Adana, We are proud of serving you from Anatolian side of Istanbul with our recently opened new warehouse in Tepeören.

The company transports heavy cargo and out of the gauge transportation from any point in Europe to all locations in Turkey, Middle East Countries, C.I.S. and Ukraine within the concept of 'Door to door delivery' by using a combination of all modes of transportation.



Company Overview Ekol Lojistik A S.(formerly trading as Omega International Transport & Logistics Srl) offers logistics services. The company was incorporated in 2004 and is based in Bucharest, Romania. As of October 26, 2011, Omega International Transport & Logistics Srl operates as a subsidiary of Ekol Lojistik A S.

A leading Greek Integrated Logistics Provider for scheduled groupage services, part and full truck loads transportation, with more than 7.000 loyal customers.

With scheduled departures and arrivals to and from Greece, Omega guarantees effective road transportation services up to the final consignee.



Tiemme Raccorderie is an international leader in the production and marketing of plumbing and heating components.

Experience, innovative capacity, creativity and exclusive Made in Italy production, tradition and culture, attentive customer care and environmental consciousness are the key values from which Tiemme creates solutions for plumbing and heating system engineering, in a perfect mix of technical competence and top material quality.

Tiemme has long studied and offered new fields of application for their plumbing and heating products, placing at the disposal of operators of the field highly technical products and increasingly extensive systems engineering solutions.

This has allowed Tiemme to develop through the years, an extensive catalogue of products introducing itself to the world of systems engineering as an “all-in-one supplier”, able to satisfy the most varied needs of the plumbing and heating industry.

Tiemme prides itself in keeping the entire production chain on national territory so as to ensure high quality, unquestionable safety and reliability of its products and systems. Each year, Tiemme also invests considerable resources in the research and development of new solutions so as to anticipate the requests of an increasingly global market.


Gebrüder Weiss

Gebrüder Weiss Devises Innovative Method to Secure Sensitive Cargo

APRIL 6, 2015

Gebrüder Weiss has handled the air transport of a 19.6-ton mobile analysis laboratory from Romania to Qatar. The short timeframe of 14 days required by the client called for chartering a freighter, but the cargo itself could not be secured in a standard way — a logistics challenge.

The laboratory measured 11.6 meters long, 4.8 meters wide and 3.4 meters high. Gebrüder Weiss chartered an AN-124-100 air freighter to carry the lab and 20 tons of small parts and spares, Project Cargo Network said in a statement on behalf of its member. Visible modifications to the outside of the analyzer house were strictly forbidden, which meant that the usual procedures to provide additional lashing points like welding and bolts were not possible.

Gebrüder Weiss came up with an unusual solution to both safely secure the cargo and avoid visible modifications. The team used a "disappearing" steel base plate bolted to the floor of the analyzer house. The plate provided 24 lashing eyes all around the lab. Protruding lights on the lab had to remain in place, which presented a second challenge. Steel bars with lashing holes at both ends were placed on the roof of the analyzer house as a provisional securing against vertical movement only — no screws or bolts required, Gebrüder Weiss.

Once secured, the cargo was moved by truck from the factory in Cluj, located in the northwest of Romania, to Bucharest Otopeni Airport, where customs procedures and x-rays were completed. A mobile crane was used to lift the unit off the trailer and onto the AN-124-100's ramp system, which can hold weights up to 120 tons and allows loading even at ill-equipped airports. Once the house had been lifted onto the ramp, cabling was used to pull it into the freighter with about 10 centimeters of clearance on each side.

It was then flown to Qatar and transported to a fertilizer plant. "The flight to Qatar, the handling at Doha Airport and the final delivery to a fertilizer factory just 20 kilometers away from the airport progressed without any problems or delays," Gebrüder Weiss said. "The aftermath of the loading was as uneventful as the preparation phase stressful."


Industrias Lebario raises Investment Capital

Industrias Lebario, s.l., an Izurza, a Spanish manufacturing company, has recieved investment capital from Sociedad Gestión de Capital Riesgo del País Vasco (SGECR), through Fondo Ezten.

The company specialises in designing and manafacturing aluminum & magnesium high-pressure injection moulds for the automotive parts sector.

Industrias Lebario will use the funds to expand its production capacity in Romania, India, China, Portugal and Turkey.

The company activities in Romania are associated with the production of high-pressure injection moulds for the Renault-Dacia Group, whose markets across Europe are expanding rapidly.




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