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Planning & Infrastructure
Citywest Bucharest is the only green-field business city within Romania. & focus of the development strategy has been to provide key infrastructure form the outset & development planning in line with the best practices of European structured planning

Planning & Infrastructure - Citywest


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Citywest  Rezidential Bucharest

Bucharest's developing satellite city


Over the last 10 years, Bolintin Satellite Town has attracted increasing numbers of world class companies to locate in this strategic town on the Western edge of Bucharest.

The area is providing opportunities for companies and investors alike to take advantage of 21st century development, and developing transport infrastructure.



Planning & Infrastructure

Planning and infrastructure are 2 of the most critical success factors that have contributed to the magnetic attraction that the Citywest development has exerted on major companies that have developed on the Romanian market over the last 3 years. In 2007, Kassianos Developments constructed more quality roads than the Romanian Government

Key Infrastructure under development

Main Highway - A1- Bucharest - Hungary

The proximity to the A1 Autostrada is  the prime reason that Kassianos Developments chose to build their  city serving  the logistic needs of the Capital


In late 2008, more & more multinational companies have selected Citywest Bucharest as their chosen location for their expanding developments in Romania & neighbouring countries.

Google Maps @ Citywest


Bolintin Deal Electricity supply map - (Source - PUG Giurgiu Judet)

Citywest - Electricity infrastructure


Bolintin Deal Gas supply map - (Source - PUG Giurgiu Judet)

Citywest Gas Infrastructure


Bolintin Deal Water supply map - (Source - PUG Giurgiu Judet)

Citywest - Water infrastructure


Ciorogarla Town - Plan Urbanistic General (PUG)


Cioragarla Zoning (PUG)



Joita Town - Plan Urbanistic General (PUG)


Joita Zoning map
- (Source - PUG Giurgiu Judet)

Joita Zoning for construction - PUG


Joita Land Classification map
- (Source - PUG Giurgiu Judet)

Joita Land classification map


Joita Electricity supply map
- (Source - PUG Giurgiu Judet)

Joita Electricity Map


Joita Gas supply map
- (Source - PUG Giurgiu Judet)

Joita Gas Supply Map


Joita Water supply map
- (Source - PUG Giurgiu Judet)

Joita Water Supply Map